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Step-By-Step Guide to Finishing a Basement

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Finishing a basement is the perfect way to give yourself more room to relax. Turn that dingy, dusty room into something that’ll help you unwind — a den, game room, home theater, bar or library. To help get you there, here’s an eight-step basement finishing guide overview from the basement remodeling pros at Advanced Construction. Finishing a […]

How to Stop Erosion on a Hill or Slope

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Did you know that 111 million acres of land are eroding at a rate of 5 tons of water every year? While you can’t control erosion, you can certainly control your response to it.  Erosion comes from water runoff or from wind, and it can cause problems for your home if it isn’t dealt with effectively. You might […]

Waterproofing Basement Walls

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Have you noticed that your basement is taking on more water than usual? Since people’s basements rest below ground, it is typical of them to experience some form of water leakage. You may see drips here and there and the occasional puddle. But if your basement experiences a flood or severe water damage, you need […]

Why You Should Invest in Waterproofing


Even if you do your best to take care of your home, certain events are outside of your control. Whether a big storm is in the forecast or you have a leaking pipe, water damage can originate from a number of sources. The best way to shield your home from unexpected harm is to waterproof […]

Protect Your Garage Floors Today

Sick of the stubborn spills in your garage and staining the concrete? Are the cracks and denting getting worse? A simple cost effective way to update and fix the garage floors is by getting an epoxy coating. It is made of resin and hardeners; it is similar to plastic but harder and more resistant to […]

Sinking Sidewalks and Heaving Foundations

Sandjacking or PolyJacking, What is right for you? Sandjacking – Uses a patented Sandjacking “sand” is made of crushed limestone. Using this crushed limestone has the least amount of moisture content around 2%. Sandjacking will extend the life of your concrete. We offer a transferable warranty too. We stand behind our work that we do. […]

Spring Checklist: 4 Water Management Steps Before The Snow Melts

Have you noticed it’s been snowing a lot lately? Only kidding, of course. It feels like we’ve getting attacked by the weather this winter. Here in the Twin Cities, we’ve had one of the snowiest winters in Minnesota history. It’s pretty amazing, and we’ll definitely be bragging about how we lived through it in the […]

How We Helped A Burnsville Resident With Their Interior Drain Tile System

When a Burnsville homeowner’s basement flooded in the winter of 2017, we moved quickly to fix their basement and get their life back to normal. The Challenge The homeowner had a sump basket without a pump. No sump pump was installed to move the water out of the home. The builder-installed drain tile system filled […]


This article title Basement Moisture Problems occurred in the MULTI HOUSING ADVOCATE in November, 2014. Basement Moisture Problems by John LamoureuxBasement water intrusion problems are among the most troublesome and difficult problems to solve for property owners and managers, and nowhere are they more problematic than in finished basements. With unpredictable weather patterns such as […]