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Start Enjoying Your Basement.

Let us know how you are looking transform your basement and we will get in touch with you to talk a little more about your project!

The Benefits of a Remodeled Basement

A finished basement provides added value to a home. You can make it into any space you want. Some examples of the rooms you can create with it include:

  • Extra bedroom
  • Extra living space
  • Man Cave
  • Bar/ Entertainment
  • Gym
  • Hobby area
  • Laundry area
  • Private study
  • And many more

Not only does it give you more to do on your property, but it also elevates your home’s bottom line. You’ll be able to sell your house at a much higher price point with a finished basement. You can even create another space in the home you can rent out like a small bachelor’s pad, providing you additional income.

However, you need professional help from a top basement contractor. We cover all bases so that you can create any room in your vision. If you’re looking for a basement remodel in MN, then we are the company that you can trust to do the job.

Stop Neglecting Your Basement.

Basements often become one of the most neglected parts of a house. With a remodel, you can turn that extra space into something your families can use. However, it’s not an easy task. There are things to consider with a remodel, from the flooring to fixtures and many more.

Advanced Construction Services are the experts if you’ve been searching for basement remodeling near me. As one of the most reliable contractors in the area, our services are comprehensive, ensuring you get everything you need. Your finished basement is only a call away

We work hard to give our clients exactly what they were searching for! We had the mission of giving this basement a welcoming atmosphere and a stylish look. Our client wanted an area to relax and unwind, but leave enough room for guest parties or family time! 

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What Goes Into a Renovation?

The renovation will depend on the size and the missing pieces of the basement. Our usual process often involves the following:

  • Flooring: Basements often lack a proper floor. You need better flooring if you want to make it a livable space.
  • Foundation work: Your basement directly connects to the foundation. You’ll often find damage like cracks that can extend down. We repair these first to avoid any future complications.
  • Waterproofing: Water is dangerous to your basement and foundation. We need to protect it by applying various preventative measures to ensure no water or moisture gets in.
  • Ductwork: A basement often lacks the required ducts and systems to make airflow well. You’ll need it if you want to use the space for the long term.

Most of this work is also called basement finishing. It’s all about putting in elements that upgrade the basement similar to other home areas. For this, you need a skilled basement contractor like Advanced Construction Services. We also do the following work:

  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Fixture assembly
  • Furniture assembly
  • Custom-made finishes

Advanced Construction Services: All Your Basement Needs in One

Since 2000, we have helped many residences and commercial properties remodel their basements. Our team has all the necessary skills and experience. We also provide them with the right tools for the job to make sure we leave nothing unturned. As a certified basement contractor, your property is safe in our hands. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.