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Plymouth Pool Deck

“I delayed doing this project because I was concerned it couldn’t be done on a vinyl pool. I was so wrong. The cement deck was raised and leveled so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I am just thrilled with the results.”

-Robert F

Plymouth Elevator Pit

Water intrusion caused rust deposits on the floor, as well as damage to the elevator equipment and frequent service calls.

The elevator pit has been completely sealed and waterproofed, protecting the equipment from future damage and limiting calls for service.

Shakopee Warehouse Floor Joints

Problem: Cracked and broken floors in this industrial warehouse create safety and operational issues.

Solution: Damaged areas were cut out using dustless equipment to limit disruption in production and save on clean-up time. Repaired floors were ready for forklift traffic ten minutes after final finishing.

Bloomington Helical Piers

Problem: Moisture saturated soils caused the corner of this industrial building to settle.

Solution: Install helical piers to provide structural support and repaired the damaged walls. The full repair was completed in only four days.

Floor Coatings

Problem: Bare concrete was a health and safety issue in this high traffic locker room.

Solution: Epoxy flooring was installed to improve aesthetics and safety and reduce maintenance and cleaning time.

Underground Parking Garage

Problem: Water leaking into the below-grade garage, which extends 60 feet beyond the building foundation wall, and is covered by a parking lot, patios, and gardens.

Solution: Remove curbing, patios, parking lot, and gardens. Excavate the roof and entire perimeter to the footings, install new drain tile, waterproofing membrane, and insulation. Restore the site to its original condition.