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How long should I wait to plant in back-filled areas?

Consider waiting one year to plant in back-filled areas to allow the soil to settle. Additional fill may be needed as soil settles over time.

Do you have to drill holes in my concrete to lift concrete with Sandjacking™ or foam?

We avoid using holes whenever possible to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete. If the concrete can be accessed on both sides by our patented braces, no holes are necessary. If holes are required, they are smaller (up to a half inch in diameter) and less frequent than Mudjacking holes, creating a better looking finished project.

What is the difference in cost between Sandjacking and polyurethane foam lifting?

Both solutions are a fraction of the cost of total concrete replacement. Our always free estimates include a site visit from one of our experienced Project Managers and a comprehensive estimate using the longest lasting, most affordable technology to solve your settled concrete.

How soon can I drive on the concrete after repair?

Concrete that has been leveled or lifted by Sandjacking or foam can be driven on immediately following the repair.

Is polyurethane foam environmentally friendly?

Our foams consist of over 40% renewable and recycled materials, and is made right here in the USA, making it the most eco-friendly polyurethane foam on the market. Foam becomes inert as it cures.

What types of foam do you use?

You can leave the science to us, but here is a list of our most commonly used products.

How does Sandjacking work?

Take a look at the Sandjacking process here.

Concrete or asphalt: which do you recommend for garage aprons?

This answer depends on the community your home is located within. Some communities specify the material your garage aprons should be using. You can get this information from your local building authority. Generally concrete is the more common garage apron material of choice due to concretes strength, durability, and lifespan. Asphalt would usually be considered second to concrete.

Should I have my apron poured first or lift my sidewalk first?

If your sidewalk is also settling, it is critical that you lift the sidewalk first. The apron can then be poured to match.

How wide should my garage apron be?

A concrete apron should be a minimum of 3 feet wide to adequately span the back-fill zone. If a narrow apron is poured, the result will be settling and cracking of the concrete.