Types of Foam

We’ll evaluate your projects size, weight and use to determine the solution and product for your settled concrete, but in case you are wondering, here are some of our most used foam products.

RR201 – 2 LB per cubic feet density

  • Fast reaction with minimal spread – does not fill the entire void (use with Sandjacking to fill entire void)
  • Designed for residential concrete raising to compete with traditional hydraulic mudjacking (pressure point lifting)

RR401- 4 LB per cubic feet density

  • Heavy duty polyurethane foam, perfect for basement floors, warehouse floors, concrete highways and bridge approaches
  • Exceeds D.O.T. specifications

RR401G (hydro-insensitive)

  • Leverages a gas with blowing agent instead of water. Surrounding water does not affect foam reaction, cure time or performance

RR501 LB per cubic feet density

  • Excellent for filling voids, undersealing slabs and stabilizing warehouse floor joints
  • Slow reaction time, minimal lift

RR600 – 6 lB single component soil binder

  • Used for deep soil injections, void fills, and soil stabilization in loose sand and peat soils

RR601 LB per cubic feet density

  • Specifically formulated for DOT Engineers, this product has increased compressive strength, making it perfect for lifting heavy loads in high traffic areas, such as roadways and bridge approaches.

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