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Sick of the stubborn spills in your garage and staining the concrete? Are the cracks and denting getting worse? A simple cost effective way to update and fix the garage floors is by getting an epoxy coating. It is made of resin and hardeners; it is similar to plastic but harder and more resistant to cracking and dents. 

Easy to Keep up – The upkeep is simple, the coating seals cracks and dents which prevents liquid from seeping into the cement leading to more damage. Also, with any spills on the ground can easily be swept up or mopped without worries of staining.

Affordable – Since it can be on top of cement, the cost is much less than compared to installing a new cement garage slab, and makes a great seal to the current floor that will extend the life.

Extremely Durable – The floor’s durability is highly resistant to different wear and tear; they are highly resistant cracks and even gasoline. With an epoxy coating, on average it can add on average 30 years to the life of the floor if taken care of.

Wide Variety of Options – Epoxy coating can be used in multiple different settings, whether it is in a warehouse or in an apartment; they can be customized to whatever fits the needs of the building. Before going forward with getting your flooring resurfaced make sure you research and find an epoxy coating specialist, as the longevity depends on the installation, and the quality of products as, well. 

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