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Step-By-Step Guide to Finishing a Basement

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Finishing a basement is the perfect way to give yourself more room to relax. Turn that dingy, dusty room into something that’ll help you unwind — a den, game room, home theater, bar or library. To help get you there, here’s an eight-step basement finishing guide overview from the basement remodeling pros at Advanced Construction.

Finishing a Basement Starts With Prep

To get your basement remodel started right, there are a couple of things to take care of first.

As with any construction, check local regulations for permits you need. Finishing a basement in Minneapolis requires permits for plumbing, electrical and a few other things. To finish a basement in Prior Lake, check the city construction permit website for information.

Then, take care of any humidity issues. If it’s minor, a large dehumidifier will do the trick. For more serious dampness, you’ll need a sump pump. In any case, Advanced Construction offers waterproofing should you need it.


Some unfinished basements have wall framing. If you’re turning a large basement into multiple rooms, use 2 by 4s to create more walls.

Install Electricity

Doing this yourself can save you money, but if you’re unsure, hire a professional to wire your basement. You’ll need electrical mostly for outlets and light fixtures.

Install Plumbing

You may not need plumbing, but if you’re installing a wet bar or bathroom, you will. Remember to completely shut off the water before beginning.

For Home Theaters: Set Up In-wall A/V Components

If you’re finishing a basement, it’s probably because you want more room to entertain. Planning that home theater of your dreams? Figure out where your speakers and screen will go and run the wiring before you install the drywall.


This is the step that will make your basement finish project take shape. If it’s a small basement, doing this step yourself can save you money. However, any seams or mistakes will stick out. This is another step that’s best left to a basement contractor.

Personal Touches: Paint and Trim

You don’t just have a skeleton anymore — your basement is starting to look like a real homey place! Get some painter’s tape, rollers, paint and ladders. Paint away then install wood trim, moulding and door frames.

The Final Step: Flooring

You’re almost done finishing your basement! This is the last construction step, but there’s still plenty of decoration and utility installation to do (televisions, cable, bars, etc.)

There are many user-friendly flooring options available like peel-and-stick vinyl or laminated plank flooring. If you’re doing carpet, hardwood or grouted tile flooring, consider a professional for this step. Your knees and back will thank you.

Intimidated by Finishing a Basement? Let Advanced Construction Help!

If any one of these steps (or all of them) seem a little out of your depth, Advanced Construction of Prior Lake and the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota, area is here to fill the gaps. From doing the whole project to preliminary basement inspectionsfoundation repair and tackling any other issues you come across when finishing a basement, we’re a experienced with all of it. Contact us today for a free quote.