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Sandjacking or PolyJacking, What is right for you?

Sandjacking –

  • Uses a patented Sandjacking “sand” is made of crushed limestone. Using this crushed limestone has the least amount of moisture content around 2%.
  • Sandjacking will extend the life of your concrete. We offer a transferable warranty too. We stand behind our work that we do.
  • It is minimally invasive. Often no holes are needed, but if needed we use small holes up to .5 inches
  • No wait time either, walk and drive immediately!


  • Polyurethane is used the most often. Using a closed cell product ensures that it will be waterproof. We use 40% renewable and recycled products, making it eco-friendly. 
  • Polyjacking is a long lasting, forming a bond with the underside of the concrete
  • It is lightweight and will keep from preventing additional soil settling.
  • Only uses small holes (around 5/8th inch) and are refilled with cement.
  • Polyurethane is quick drying which means that you will get back to work almost immediately!

Advanced Construction will give you the recommendation that is best for your project. We stand behind our work.