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In the winter of 2017, The Crew Facility Maintenance hired us to fix foundation water intrusion in a Lakeville professional building. This is how we helped them.

The Challenge

The professional building was a single-story office space. The main level was occupied, but the owner was unable to lease the basement level due to foundation water intrusion along the entire perimeter (435’). Waterproofing the foundation from the exterior would cause major disruption for the main level tenants and would be cost prohibitive.

The Solution

Our crew installed and interior drain tile system with a sealed HDPE dimpled sheeting vapor barrier. To avoid disruptive the employees in the building, we removed the floor and did other disruptive work activities after-hours. The installation was completed in 7 days and was ready for remodeling and new tenants.

Picture of foundation water intrusion repair.
Drain tile was installed beside the footing and covered with rock & drain fabric.
Picture of a complete interior drain tile system installation.
After pouring new concrete, our crew did final clean up and the space was ready for remodeling and new tenants.

Project Summary

Client: The Crew Facility Maintenance

Contractor: Advanced Construction Services

Products Installed: HDPE 4” perforated drain tile system, Platon dimpled sheeting, and 2 new sump systems.

If you need help with your interior drain tile system, request a free estimate today!

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