Protect Your Garage Floors Today

Sick of the stubborn spills in your garage and staining the concrete? Are the cracks and denting getting worse? A simple cost effective way to update and fix the garage floors is by getting an epoxy coating. It is made of resin and hardeners; it is similar to plastic but harder and more resistant to […]

Sinking Sidewalks and Heaving Foundations

Sandjacking or PolyJacking, What is right for you? Sandjacking – Uses a patented Sandjacking “sand” is made of crushed limestone. Using this crushed limestone has the least amount of moisture content around 2%. Sandjacking will extend the life of your concrete. We offer a transferable warranty too. We stand behind our work that we do. […]

Spring Home Inspections YOU Can Do Now

SPRING CHECK LIST/SITE INSPECTION ​SITE CONCRETE (Liability Issues) Inspect all concrete sidewalks, driveways, aprons for tripping hazards (TIP: Any height difference 3/4 inch or greater is considered a tripping hazard). Inspect all concrete sidewalks and entryways for proper step heights (TIP: Proper step height is to be within 7 – 8 inch rise. However, there […]

Sandjacking – The Video!

A short video showing the process of Sandjacking™ a driveway. The driveway had settled over 2 inches due to poor compaction after excavated soils had settled. The void was completely filled with a compacted dry sand. The joint between the garage floor and the driveway, broken control joints and cracks are sealed with caulking.