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​SITE CONCRETE (Liability Issues)

  • Inspect all concrete sidewalks, driveways, aprons for tripping hazards (TIP: Any height difference 3/4 inch or greater is considered a tripping hazard).
  • Inspect all concrete sidewalks and entryways for proper step heights (TIP: Proper step height is to be within 7 – 8 inch rise. However, there are exceptions within some association properties; please let us know if you have questions).
  • Inspect all concrete for hazardous surface defects (i.e. cracks, spalling, etc.)
  • Inspect existing concrete caulking at common areas, pools, clubhouses, etc. If defective, remove and replace to properly minimize surface water intrusion.

​LANDSCAPE & DRAINAGE (Site Water Issues)

  • Inspect landscape surrounding the home/building.
    1. Grade should be positive to drain surface water away.
    2. 4 to 6 inches separation between grade/landscape and any siding, brick, etc.
  • Inspect all deck, porch, and privacy fence footings. Did they heave with frost during the Winter?
  • Inspect all gutters and downspouts.
    1. Where is the water being discharged?
    2. Is the discharge location causing an issue (puddling, erosion, frost heave, etc.)?
  • Inspect all ground-level windows and window wells
    1. Is there proper grade separation (4-6 inches) beneath the window?
    2. Is the well in good condition and properly retaining the outside soils?


  • Remove the sump basket lid and inspect the sump pump and piping.
  • Run the pump and/or the battery backup system to verify proper function.
  • At the exterior, inspect the sump discharge pipe for damage.
    1. Does the pipe discharge to the surface, or into an approved outlet (storm sewer or daylight). Does the location of sump discharge appear to be creating any drainage concerns?

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