5 Benefits of Leveling Concrete Using Sandjacking

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5 Benefits of Leveling Concrete Using Sandjacking Do you know how to level a concrete floor or slab? Try jacking it! “Jacking” in general means lifting — especially as it applies to concrete leveling projects. Types of concrete jacking include mudjacking, limestone grout leveling, and expanding structural foam leveling. In this article, we focus on … Read more

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in Waterproofing

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in Waterproofing Even if you do your best to take care of your home, certain events are outside of your control. Whether a big storm is in the forecast or you have a leaking pipe, water damage can originate from a number of sources. The best way to shield your … Read more

7 Common Signs of Foundation Problems You Need To Know

7 Common Signs of Foundation Problems You Need To Know Repairing foundation issues can be expensive. It can cost about 5k USD, depending on the severity of the problem. If left untreated, minor cracks could lead to structural issues that will be extremely expensive to repair. Knowing the signs of foundation damage can save you thousands … Read more

Concrete Services: Brief Overview

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Concrete Services: What They Can Do for You Do you have some concrete projects that you can only trust on reliable concrete professionals? Well, we’re professional concrete contractors with hands-on experience in residential and commercial concrete services. Whether you’re looking to undertake a driveway, patio, floor, walkway, a retaining wall, or other concrete work, we’ve … Read more

Concrete Settling: The Basics

Concrete settling is a natural part of the curing process, but over time concrete settling can result in unsightly cracks or disintegration of the concrete surface. Knowing more about it can help you prevent it and take corrective measure in case it does occur. How Concrete Settles Concrete settling occurs when the ground below it … Read more

The Most Popular Styles of Decks and The Best Materials to Make Them

The Most Popular Styles of Decks and The Best Materials to Make Them: A home without a deck looks unfinished and lacking. A beautiful deck accentuates the home, is an extension of the home and provides additional usable space. Trying to find the right deck style and materials can be challenging, so below is an … Read more

Advanced Construction: Decks

Advanced Construction Decks

Advanced Construction: Decks Benefits of Decks The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. When you focus on making the interior of your home beautiful and well established, a lacking exterior can undermine it, lessening the homes overall affect. Nowadays, if you are considering remodeling your home, it would be wise … Read more

ACS: Lifting, Pouring, and Fills

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Advanced Construction Services: Concrete Lifting, Concrete Pouring, Void Fills Your Concrete Needs, Our Concrete Service At Advanced Construction Services, our concrete services tackle the hard pressed problems of commercial and residential buildings. We have the rock-solid experience and knowledge to lift your crumbling concrete into a proud slab of solidarity. With our expertise in concrete … Read more

Concrete Settlement

Concrete Settlement Concrete settling is terrible news for commercial or residential properties. When a concrete surface cannot perform their vital functions anymore, swift action is needed to prevent further damage. The primary cause of concrete failure is sunken soil. Concrete is strong, durable, and reliable, but they are as healthy as the soil that lies … Read more