All You Need to Know About Winterizing Concrete Surfaces

Luxury countryside house exterior. Asphat driveway

Brace yourselves, folks: according to this year’s copy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, winter will be a “season of shivers” for the ages. With cold temperatures and snowstorms inbound, you must prepare your concrete for winter wear and tear.  Advanced Construction Services offers garage concrete services, driveway concrete services, and more to prepare your home for […]

What You Should Know about Cracks in Slab Foundation

big crack in concrete slab

Many people think cracks in slab foundations are due to settling. But a simple matter of settling is the least of the homeowner’s concerns. Overlooking the signs can lead to a collapsing foundation. Do we know what to look for when we see a crack in our foundation? To make sure our foundation stays damage-free, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Waterproofing Basement Walls

the proper placement of sealing tape, waterproofing tape in the first layer of waterproofing

Have you ever put your hand on your basement wall and realized it was wet? Or have you noticed worrying moisture stains in your basement that aren’t going away? If so, the potential for water damage and health risks from mold is high.  While cost concerns may have prohibited you from waterproofing, the basement wall waterproofing cost will always […]

All You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

rock retaining wall

When you first get into landscaping and outdoor design, there are a million terms thrown around that you’re not familiar with. Retaining walls are simply named, and once you understand what they do, they become quite a simple addition to any home’s backyard or garden. Typically made of stone or brick, these charming setpieces have […]

Jacking Concrete Slabs With Polyurethane Foam

concrete slabs with a person's shadow

Uneven and damaged concrete slabs may be unsightly and pose hazards to a homeowner. Besides being unsafe, sagging concrete flooring could be indicative of severe underlying problems in the future and is best repaired as soon as possible. The options available to you depend on your budget and timeframe. You can polyurethane raise, mudjack, or […]

How to Clean Your Composite Decking

house in front of mountains with composite decking

Composite decking is a popular alternative to traditional wooden decking. It is more durable than treated lumber and will last much longer with proper care. But it’s easy to make mistakes when cleaning composite decking. If you use the wrong type of cleaning solution, you risk staining the deck boards. You could also destroy the waterproof seal […]

Must-Have Construction Skills to Land a Job

Teamwork of business man contractor working meeting in the office construction site on their architect project.

Are you looking for an entry-level job with awesome opportunities for advancement? We know what you’re thinking — salary increases and life-long careers were a Baby Boomer thing! These positions don’t exist anymore, right? Think again! A construction career could be your next dream job. Not only will you learn and advance, but you’ll also be […]

Buying a House With Foundation Issues

people leveling concrete using tools

All houses have a foundation, and although they may not be seen, foundations really are the stars of the show. The foundation bears the weight of the entire house, transferring the force to the ground below. Normally they are dug into the ground and provide an anchor between the walls and the ground below. So […]

Five Backyard Living Space Ideas for New Homeowners

terrace over an outdoor patio

Your home is your sanctuary. From your living room to your kitchen to your bedroom, you’ve made every part fit your needs and style. It screams, you.  But what about your backyard living space? Have you neglected the place where you’ll most want to spend your summer months?  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the CDC recommended entertaining with […]

Waterproofing Basement Walls

couch in a very flooded house

Waterproofing Basement Walls: Do’s and Don’ts Have you noticed that your basement is taking on more water than usual? Since people’s basements rest below ground, it is typical of them to experience some form of water leakage. You may see drips here and there and the occasional puddle. But if your basement experiences a flood […]