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Stay Involved During Your Basement Remodel

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Learn About Basement Renovation by Keeping Your Eyes Open During Remodel

Winter Renovation of Your Basement Reveals More Opportunities for Your Home

Construction of any type takes some kind of know-how, but you can learn the basics when you have a construction services company do your basement remodel. Discuss your ideas with the professionals in basement renovation, especially when it is a winter remodel. Their opinions are important, but you have the last word. The decision to remodel your basement could lead to having your construction services company renovate other parts of your home.


Have you noticed the walls of your basement sweating or water running down them? This needs to be remedied before much of anything else. Dampness will affect the electrical wires and affect the temperature of your basement renovation. Paint will not adhere as well to a damp wall, and it will likely run when dripping occurs.

Time of year could make a difference in the dampness of your basement wall. A wintertime renovation will give you a good idea of how to protect the basement from colder weather, because it will probably be much colder than the rest of your home unless you decide to heat it.


Once you have the leakage situated, what do you want to do about electricity? A washer and dryer will require electricity, even if you have gas appliances. A TV will need to be plugged in. Ceiling lighting and fans will need electricity, and most other lights will, too. You do have some leeway with lighting if you choose touch lamps and other LED lights. Do you plan to have heat and air conditioning in your winter remodel?

Heating and Air Conditioning

The reason for your basement remodel and how much time spent there will be a factor in whether you want to have heating and cooling. You could have your HVAC system vented to the remodel. That would make the temperature at the discretion of whoever is upstairs where the thermostat is. Electricity in the winter remodel will mean that heating would be possible. A space heater or thermostat would make your winter renovation much more comfortable in locales where snowy winters are the norm.

Summer months would be nicer, too, in some places if air conditioning or a fan could be run. Your geographic area and how you will be using your basement renovation determine many of your options.

Ins, Outs and Emergencies

How will you be getting to your basement? How many entryways and exits are there? Your construction services people will have checked building codes, but discuss this with them. You will want to have an emergency plan for getting out of your basement, should the need arise. Talk fire extinguishers and sprinklers in the ceilings with your basement remodel contractor.

Call us with any questions and for a free estimate on your winter basement remodel.