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Fantastic Basement Bar Ideas for Entertaining

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If you have a lot of real estate in your basement and you are a fan of entertaining, consider installing a bar. These ideas will help you get started.

Great Flooring Ideas for a Basement Bar

Let’s start from the ground up. A basement bar needs good, solid flooring. Before you make your selection, use the information below to determine which flooring is right for your space.

Sheet Vinyl Tiles

Sheet vinyl tiles are very affordable, and they will hold up well in high-traffic areas. To install these types of tiles, you’ll need to clean the ground in your basement thoroughly to ensure a strong adhesion.


Ceramic or porcelain flooring will dry quickly if water ever floods your basement. Also, these materials will never rot. Unlike other materials, ceramic and porcelain don’t absorb sounds well. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is very fancy, and it can withstand moisture. This type of flooring is somewhat expensive, and it requires a subfloor.

Professional-Grade Planks and Tiles

Luxury planks and tiles are thick and extremely durable. However, any tiles or planks with a seamed floor cover will leak moisture when a basement floods. 


You can install concrete in a basement without a subfloor, so it requires the least supplies. The only down side is concrete gets very cold in the winter.  If that is a deal breaker for you, we suggest installing some heated flooring materials underneath the concrete to give it that extra warmth you’re looking for.


You can’t have a bar without some beverages. There are many ways to stock a home bar. Here are great ideas for three skill levels.

Novice Setup

If you’re not going to entertain guests very often, a novice setup is right for you. You’ll need

  • A wide range of base spirits
  • A good bottle of Vermouth
  • A bowl of bitters
  • Plenty of citrus

Intermediate Setup

To make classic cocktails, you’ll need this setup. Here is your shopping list:

  • Gin
  • Scotch
  • Aged Tequila
  • Dark Rum
  • Champagne

Expert Setup

With this setup, you’ll have no problems pleasing many guests because you’ll cover all the bases. To get started, you’ll need

  • Fruit liqueurs
  • Bitter spirits
  • Herbal spirts
  • Syrups and other modifiers for complicated beverage


A basement bar has to have good storage options and a durable counter.


Proper storage solutions prevent clutter. Here are four ways to optimize your bar space.

  • Install a built-in wine rack for wine bottles.
  • Install floating or retractable shelves for everyday items.
  • Install wall shelves for glassware.
  • Use a bookcase as a display for decorative items.


A counter defines a bar, so it must stand out. Here are five materials for modern countertops.

  • Maple
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Ceramic

Essential Bar Products

To operate a bar like a professional bartender, you’ll need:

  • Sturdy glasses for all of your cocktails
  • A cutting board for appetizer preparations
  • Sharp knives and a knife case
  • Glass or plastic stirrers for cocktails
  • A stainless-steel cocktail shaker
  • Bar spoons with a long handle
  • A wooden muddle
  • A Hawthorne strainer

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