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Adding a Backyard Deck: Worth the Investment?

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Adding a Backyard Deck: Worth the Investment?

A backyard deck makes your home look better and gives your guests a place to gather. But, does building a deck add value to a home?

The price of installing a deck depends on size, materials used, contractor charges, location of the deck concerning the house, and the type of design you choose.

A Deck Adds Square Footage Space

The best benefit to a new deck is you receive added square footage space. This enables you to host more gatherings for family and friends, and entertain clients. In addition, your family will have a place to hang out outdoors during those warm summer days.

Make Your Home More Attractive on the Market

The beauty of a backyard deck enhances your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers when it comes time to sell. A finished custom deck makes your home more attractive on the market and it gives potential buyers another selling point to help you get top dollar for your home.

There are many materials that you can utilize when building your deck. Composite decks however, require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than other decking materials, making it more valuable compared to the others. Building a basic composite deck can cost up to $16,000 and has a recoup of $11,000. It means that the added value is up to 68.75%. Decks recouped more of their costs in regions where outdoor lifestyles are more popular.

Deck Designs Are Versatile

Not only do you have many options when it comes to materials, but if your deck doesn’t require a structural building, you can always add to it throughout the years. For example, adding patios, garden spaces, and pergolas to accent your free-standing deck. 

You can also add an outdoor kitchen or a cozy firepit to give your deck an even more unique look and feel. We have a blog full of ideas for your next backyard project!

What to Consider Before Adding a Backyard Deck

Before you proceed with this home improvement project, it’s helpful to think about the following:

Is your outdoor space big enough for a deck?  How will it look when furniture is out there? A cedar or composite deck can be stained so that it blends seamlessly with your home, or you can paint it a color that complements your siding; so what colors should you choose? 

What amenities will be included? Will stairs be leading up to your deck? Do you want to plan for future amenities like an outdoor kitchen or a pergola?

Adding a deck may require you to get specific permits depending on the area in which you live. If so, make sure to get them ahead of time, so you don’t run into any problems when it’s time to start construction.

In conclusion, decks can add value to your home with the right design, materials, and the placing of your deck. 

There may be many factors to consider, but our experts at Advanced Construction Services can help you manage the planning and building of your deck so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any details. Reach out to us today for a free estimate