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How Long Will a Composite Deck Last?

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Before you start researching composite deck ideas and planning your dream deck, it’s important to know just how long your materials will last. If you’re looking for long-lasting decking, composite boards are a great choice. What Is a Composite Deck? To understand the composite decking lifespan, you first need to understand what counts as a composite deck. […]

Adding a Backyard Deck: Worth the Investment?

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Adding a Backyard Deck: Worth the Investment? A backyard deck makes your home look better and gives your guests a place to gather. But, does building a deck add value to a home? The price of installing a deck depends on size, materials used, contractor charges, location of the deck concerning the house, and the […]

Five Backyard Living Space Ideas for New Homeowners

backyard living space

Your home is your sanctuary. From your living room to your kitchen to your bedroom, you’ve made every part fit your needs and style. It screams, you.  But what about your backyard living space? Have you neglected the place where you’ll most want to spend your summer months?  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the CDC recommended entertaining with […]

The Most Popular Styles of Decks and The Best Materials to Make Them

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A home without a deck looks unfinished and lacking. A beautiful deck accentuates the home, is an extension of the home and provides additional usable space. Trying to find the right deck style and materials can be challenging, so below is an overview of the most popular types and materials to use. Popular Deck Styles […]

Advanced Construction: Decks

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Benefits of Decks The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. When you focus on making the interior of your home beautiful and well established, a lacking exterior can undermine it, lessening the homes overall affect. Nowadays, if you are considering remodeling your home, it would be wise to use this […]

Top Decking Materials for Home Improvement in 2020

Picture of a modern deck

Decking is a common practice in our culture, be it home improvement or starting the construction from the ground. Still, most people don’t realize the high skill level required to master the art of decking. It requires a master deck builder, whether you choose a composite or natural deck material such as wood, you should […]