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The Most Popular Styles of Decks and The Best Materials to Make Them

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A home without a deck looks unfinished and lacking. A beautiful deck accentuates the home, is an extension of the home and provides additional usable space. Trying to find the right deck style and materials can be challenging, so below is an overview of the most popular types and materials to use.

Popular Deck Styles

Deck styling can vary from house to house, but every homeowner should desire a deck that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and matches the style of the home.

Modern Deck – A modern deck style provides a clean look with geometric shapes and plenty of usable space. These decks are typically comprised of darker tones such as gray or brown and easily allow for deck accessories as well. A modern deck truly makes a home stand out, while providing highly functional spaces for entertaining guests.

Rustic Deck – Rustic style decks are unique and add character to a home. Distressed wood, whitewashed or reclaimed wood make these decks one of a kind. While not for every home, rustic decks can complement homes in the country, farms and ranches and homes in states like Montana and Texas. Rustic decks often feature exposed beams, older stone and ornate lighting fixtures.

Contemporary Deck – Contemporary style decks are a blend of modern and rustic using clean lines with a touch of character. The color schemes are typically more subdued and easily blend into the home. These decks often focus more on functionality, but still add enough deck styling to enhance the home.

Best Deck Materials and Coatings

Many homeowners think that a wood deck is the only solution, however with the advancement of construction materials, there is a wide variety of available materials for your deck.

Wood – The traditional choice for deck building. It is easy to install, but requires annual upkeep and has a shorter lifespan than other materials. Wood only comes in one color so it must be stained to obtain the right color you’re looking for.

Composite Decking – This newer material provides easy installation, low maintenance, eco-friendly and comes in a wide variety of colors to match any home. Composite decking has become the most popular decking material which will last for over 25 years.  

Stone – Another classic decking material is stone. The look it can provide is unparalleled, but the cost to install and maintain can be cost prohibitive. For higher end homes, granite, limestone and marble provide an elegant and inviting space.

Deck Coatings – One material that is often forgotten is deck coating products. They include pigmented, multi-layered and clear sealants. Deck coatings provide advanced protection from moisture, water and harmful UV rays that can deteriorate your deck.

Don’t go it alone. For a stunning deck, be sure to hire a professional Deck Builder to design and install the next deck for your home.