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Advanced Construction: Decks

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Benefits of Decks

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. When you focus on making the interior of your home beautiful and well established, a lacking exterior can undermine it, lessening the homes overall affect. Nowadays, if you are considering remodeling your home, it would be wise to use this opportunity to include a deck into your homes exterior layout. Decks are a common sight in modern residential homes because they offer versatile options for outdoor activities, ranging from benefiting a single person or a whole group or family. At Advanced Construction, we offer deck-building services to help you further enhance your homes charm and function.

Decks and Beauty

Your homes level of beauty can be enhanced with a well-established deck in place. Decks have various functions, from looks to utility, and when it comes to how a deck looks, it can really elevate the entire homes appeal. Decks can serve as an extension of the home or separate from the home, with either option creating a different context for the deck. If you are to include a deck that matches the style and coloring of the exterior of the home, you will create a cohesive element that makes the whole home seem larger and more abundant. On the other hand, if you include a deck that holds its own visual weight apart from the home, it will be seen as a separate entity, and in doing so, be held to different standards from the home. Choosing how you want the deck to be implemented into your home is essential to the overall image of your home; it chooses what aspects will be emphasized or what aspects will be more neutral and quiet. Being able to pick and choose what parts of your homes exterior is focused on when someone looks at the home is a great power that should be taken advantage of to optimize your home’s value and appeal!

More Decks, More Space

Decks add value through function, but also value through added space. The average American home with a deck is used for family activities, grilling, and relaxing. Usually, decks are only desired during the nice weather during the spring and summer, but can be upgraded with a few simple additions to allow for year-round use! Adding onto your deck with a screened in porch or a top cover will allow the family to enjoy natures less welcoming weather in a protected space, while still allowing for the usual deck activities.

The Value of a Deck

Real estate experts claim that adding a deck increases the value of the home more than, if you added an extra bathroom or extra bedroom. Another reason a deck is a better valued option, is because of the building costs being cheaper than adding a new room into the house. The materials and time it takes, as well as the complexity of building a deck is much less than having to navigate your homes internal functions to break down walls and increase the internal square footage. Decks offer an increased home value at a minimal cost, and are often a feature that is desired by home-buyers, especially in Minnesota.

Decks: Durable and Minimal Maintenance

More than forty million decks in North America are believed to be more than twenty years old. Deck durability is one of the decks biggest selling points. As a homeowner, you know that maintenance is difficult and taxing on your time, so why would decks be any different right? Well the thing about decks is that their maintenance is minimal at best, and you are still rewarded with the durability of a lifetime. Decks are constructed and proofed in a way that helps resist fading, scratching, staining, warping, and cracking, ensuring your investment stays at its best for the longest it can. With the deck being so reliable, on top of being a great location to spend time with the family, it seems almost like a mistake not to get one built for your home.

Contact Advanced Construction Services Today!

With a deck adding so much to a home and to the families that interact with them, there really doesn’t seem to be a good reason to wait any longer to start building! Contact us today at Advanced Construction Services and inquire about our deck services and how we can help advance your families future!