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Wooden decks started to become a trend about 10 years ago, but today many home owners are replacing them with concrete patios due to the amount of upkeep that wood has. Patios made of concrete are making a comeback as people realize the amount to time and money it was costing to keep up on wooded decks. People are making this switch to concrete to get the four big benefits of concrete.

Versatile – Without having to stain the deck yearly, or worrying if the neighbor was going to have the same color, concrete has had many advances including being able to change the color, as well as stamping tools, or using molds to create other shapes. Some new technology is able to make it even look like brick, stone or even wood; with all these changes, people are able to gain back time, and stop worrying if the neighbor is going to have the same design.

Durable – Concrete is extremely durable, it can withstand a wide range of weather, here at Advanced Construction, we take extra special measures to make sure the patio will hold up to even the harshest winters.

Less Maintenance – When looking at single pavers vs a slab of concrete, the slab’s upkeep is easier due to it being a singular surface. Whereas with the pavers they have sand filled joints leaving the patio at risk for grass and weeds, and when they settle unevenly they become a tripping hazard.

Safe for the Environment – Pretty obvious that if having a concrete patio will save lumber as well as get rid of the need to maintain every year with chemical based wood stain, paint, and sealers.

Better Value – Whether engraving, stenciling, stamping, or giving the patio a texture like brick or pavers, they offer cost less than when installing single pavers, taking in to the money saved in the labor as well. The look and ability for the patio to last for many years to home with also boost the resale value of the home.


Advance Construction is there for when you are ready to design your dream patio. 

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  1. I liked learning that concrete patios have easier upkeep requirements because it is a singular surface. My wife and I love hosting parties for our friends, and we’d like to have a patio installed in our backyard so we can have outdoor parties in the summer. We’ll have to hire a concrete contractor this week to install our patio since it will be easy for us to take care of.

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