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Concrete warehouse flooring takes a beating throughout its lifetime. Between forklifts, constant traffic, heavy pallets, and storage racks, these floors are abused until they cannot take anymore. It is important to keep your warehouse floor in good condition because if you don’t it can cause productivity and safety issues. It can also have a negative impact on the perception of your company during business tours.

Most warehouse floors end up needing repair during their lifetime because these concrete surfaces endure a lot of heavy traffic. Dragging pallets across the warehouse can leave scratches the floor, along with forklifts, forklift trucks, and scissor lifts. While these machines are moving heavy pallets or other objects, they will also have a chance of falling and producing cracks in the concrete. Spilling liquids can also cause damage to the floor depending on the type of spill and liquid.

Knowing when to have your warehouse flooring repaired is important to its lifespan. Here is a small list of what to keep an eye out for.

  1. Scratches and Scrapes. It is normal for a warehouse floor to accumulate small scratches and scrapes over time. Bigger scrapes caused by dragging pallets and other warehouse mishaps such as improper equipment operation and falling objects. These bigger scratches and scrapes can pose a much larger issue but thankfully, can be repaired easily.
  2. Tire Marks. Tire Marks are not easy to get rid of. These are caused by warehouse vehicles either skidding or just wearing into the concrete. Getting rid of them requires chemical treatment and scrubbing.
  3.  Floor Cracks. Floors settle over time creating an uneven surface and sometimes this can result in cracking. They may also be caused by very heavy falling objects. Minor cracks can be repaired relatively easy while larger cracks require more planning and precision.
  4. Chemical Stains. Chemical stains caused by corrosive liquids can leave permanent stains on the warehouse flooring.


Poor Warehouse floors can cause major issues. Forklift trucks and other vehicles meant for warehouses are made with very soft tires, not meant for rough surfaces. This increases the risk for falling over and will wear out the tires much quicker than normal. Decreased productivity can also happen with poor floor condition. Poorly maintained flooring can also be prone to accidents.

There are repair procedures for everything we’ve mentioned. Luckily for you, Advanced Construction Services offers all the repair services necessary to bring your warehouse flooring from a D- to and A+! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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