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In the winter of 2012, Toro Company hired us to repair their industrial warehouse floor in Shakopee, Minnesota. This is how we helped them.

The Challenge

Toro’s industrial manufacturing floor slabs endured harsh conditions daily, including heavy equipment, steel-wheel forklifts, vibrating equipment, and more. These conditions resulted in damage to the concrete surfaces, joints, and nosing.

Damaged industrial concrete creates safety hazards, is hard on equipment, and can inhibit and even stop production. A stop in 24-hour production was not an option, so the challenge was to get in, complete a quality repair, and get out as quickly as possible.

The Solution

We needed to repair the damaged areas with a polymer mortar that could be driven on 15 minutes after installation. Dustless equipment was used to remove the damaged areas to a depth of approximately 1.5 inches.

A picture showing dustless equipment is used to remove damaged floor areas.

Next, we applied a bonding agent and installed the polymer mortar (Floor Fix).

Picture of Polymer Mortar installed at the repair site.

The Floor Fix was ground flush with the adjoining floor surface and control joints were re-cut and filled with polyurea (RS-88). The manufacturing team was able to return to business as usual.

5 years later (2017), the repair sites were still in perfect condition.

Picture of the industrial floor repairs 5 years later.

Project Summary

Owner: Toro Company

Installer: Advanced Construction Services

Installed: Prime Resins Floor Fix & Spal-Pro RS-88 Polyurea

If your company needs updated warehouse floors, request a free estimate today!

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