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Minnesota’s fall season can bring cold weather along with a heat snap, snow, ice all within 2 weeks of each other making it very difficult to maintain your concrete patios and driveways. To extend the life of your driveway fall maintenance is important before the snow and ice hit us hard. They can be a safety issue during late fall and it’s important to avoid the risks of slipping on ice or snow, both inside or outside the car.

Here are a few simple tasks to get ready for winter

  • Move trees or shrubs that have roots that could grow to threaten the concrete
  • Make a space for the snow and water to run off to so it is not piling up on the driveway or patio.
  • Keep the cement or black clean year-round with a leaf blower and pressure washer to make sure it is cleaned of any oil or chemicals that may spill.
  • Seal your driveway with a seal or waterproof in the fall to prevent the snow and water to seep in the cracks and less the integrity of underside of the concrete.
  •  Avoid using salt on driveways in the fall snow and ice, as well in the spring. Salt can lead to cracks and other damages. Best to use sand or kitty litter in the fall before the ground is frozen.
  •   Make sure gutters are not directly draining on the driveway, lessen the chances of the area becoming a skating rink.
  • Try to not park heavy vehicles or other work equipment on the driveway. Most are not built to handle the extra weight and can cause cracks and uneven settling.

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