What is Slabjacking?

Slabjacking uses mud (mudjacking), sand (sandjacking) or Polyurethane foam (polyjacking) to raise settled concrete or redirect improper drainage. Common slabjacked surfaces include sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage aprons, basement floors, warehouse floors or other concrete that is otherwise in good condition and free of significant structural cracks. This warehouse floor setteled over five inches. The […]


SANDJACKING™ IS A PATENTED PROCESS FOR LIFTING SETTLED AND UNEVEN CONCRETE – AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF REPLACEMENT! Over time, most concrete will experience some degree of settling, as underlying soils become compacted. In addition to being an eyesore, settled concrete creates a trip hazard and liability for homeowners and businesses alike.  Our […]

Sandjacking™ makes concrete repair efficient.

Sandjacking™ makes concrete repair efficient. ​by Julie Tunheim ​What started out as an idea to fix his sidewalk has become a patented process and a growing business for Chuck Asplin of Chuck’s Sandjacking®, Fargo, N.D. Asplin remembers the day he invented the process: August 22, 1993. Attempting to fix his own sidewalk, he fashioned levers, […]

Sandjacking – The Video!

A short video showing the process of Sandjacking™ a driveway. The driveway had settled over 2 inches due to poor compaction after excavated soils had settled. The void was completely filled with a compacted dry sand. The joint between the garage floor and the driveway, broken control joints and cracks are sealed with caulking.