Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning

The Advanced Construction Services team inspecting a concrete floor.Before working on a concrete floor (i.e. warehouse floor, basement floor, etc.) it’s important to locate areas on the floor where it is clear to drill. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning is a simple, fast and nondestructive way to see obstacles embedded in the concrete.

We use GPR scanning to locate in-floor heating, wiring, pipes, rebar, etc. embedded in the concrete. The floor is scanned using a 4’x4’ grid. Information is uploaded into a computer, and careful measurements are taken to mark spots where holes can be drilled.

During our repairs, work continues without disruption in the areas surrounding our repair.


Image of ground penetrating radar scanning.What we can detect

Reinforcing steel and rebar
Pipes and plumbing
In-floor heating

What we can measure

Concrete thickness
Obstacle spacing


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