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What You Should Know about Cracks in Slab Foundation

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Many people think cracks in slab foundations are due to settling. But a simple matter of settling is the least of the homeowner’s concerns. Overlooking the signs can lead to a collapsing foundation.

Do we know what to look for when we see a crack in our foundation?

To make sure our foundation stays damage-free, we need to know what obstacles to look for. This guide will help us to know when to bring an expert in.

Detecting Foundation Cracks

The foundation is strong, solid, and durable. If cracks form in the foundation it can affect not only the foundation but the floors above it. This means cracks found in slab foundations and basement walls need investigation.

The detection of foundation cracks starts with looking for cracks on foundation walls. In the case of block walls, finding any block with cracks is a solid hint that an issue exists. We can also look for leaning foundation walls.

Also, we can check to see if any foundational walls are sagging or sinking. Each of these issues suggests there is a bigger problem causing them.

Causes of Cracks in Slab Foundations

There are many causes of foundation cracks. Some of the most common include:

  • Foundation settling
  • Heaving, shifting, or erosion
  • Poor soil conditions under the foundation
  • Improper footing installation during construction
  • Lack of adequate drainage from water near the foundation
  • And more

Foundation settlement is common enough that most don’t consider it. This kind of foundation cracking occurs when the foundation sinks into the ground. A foundation that has sunk needs raising to prevent major cracks from forming.

The opposite is also true when heaving occurs. Foundation heaving happens when the foundation rises from water saturation. Wet soil can hold more weight than dry soil, so settlement and heaving can occur at the same time.

Fixing Foundation Cracks

If water pooling near the foundation causes the cracks, there are two things you can do. First, put in drainage tile or reroute the water. Second, use an epoxy adhesive or epoxy mortar to seal the wall.

Most foundation cracks have a large issue as the cause. The wrong assessment can have catastrophic results. It is cheaper to bring in a foundation expert or repair contractor than to recover from a collapsed wall.

Foundation repairs are critical and need a professional to make the property damage-free. Fixing foundation cracks protects slab foundation and basement walls from further damage.

Residential Foundation Repair

We know that cracks in slab foundations and basements may seem like an inconvenience. But they can lead to bigger problems.

A variety of things cause foundational cracks, but settling is seldom the issue. If the crack comes from under one corner of the house it might be settling. But if cracks appear on all four corners an expert needs to investigate before it’s too late.

Especially if there’s no visible cause for the cracks.

When any type of crack or chips on the foundation appear, contact us right away. We can assess the problem and provide a remedy before it gets worse.