Anyone can build a new deck within a month. However, if you have a good plan, you’ll cut this time in half. To get started, follow these steps.

Identify the Reason Why You’re Building A Deck

A deck can be a summer hangout spot, a dining location, or a hub for outdoor entertaining. No matter how you plan to use your deck, you must pick a proper layout. This strategy will help you formulate the best blueprints. Here are five popular deck layouts for classic and modern homes.

Select a Good Location for Your DIY Deck

A proper location will help you get the most out of a ground level deck or multi-tier deck. The scouting process is a science. To be successful, follow these steps. 

Measure Your Property

A ground deck has to be spacious, so you should scale it to the size of the landscape. 

Avoid Areas That Are Affected by Microclimates 

Microclimates generate in the atmosphere, but they only cause discomfort in isolated areas. You can measure and track microclimates with a digital hydrometer.

Study the Daily Summer Heat Patterns

The sun’s position changes throughout the day. If you track its movement, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best spot to build your deck. To make an accurate calculation, take a picture of the sun’s angle over your yard with a camera every hour.

Set a Budget

Do research ahead of time. This will help you set a reasonable budget. A fair budget for a ground-level deck varies. You’ll need to calculate

Deck Contractors Near Me 

If you’d like to build a custom deck, turn to the team at Advanced Construction Services. Request a free estimate for a custom composite deck today!