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At Advanced Construction Services, our concrete services tackle the hard pressed problems of commercial and residential buildings. We have the rock-solid experience and knowledge to lift your crumbling concrete into a proud slab of solidarity. With our expertise in concrete lifting, concrete pouring, and void fills, you won’t have to worry about dangerous concrete catastrophes interfering with your day to day activities and business. Below, we will detail these services to better help you stay informed on what it is these services provide, and how they can be the solution to your problems.

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is the process of pulling a slab or section of concrete up to the same level of the other sections of concrete. The process of lifting the concrete is achieved by injecting stabilizing grout underneath the slab that needs to be lifted. After injecting the grout, a pump is attached and begins sending strong and stable material to the bottom airways under the concrete slab, to fill it and help reinforce the slabs current lifted positioning. This reinforcement will help to ensure that the concrete will not fall again and create some potentially dangerous walking or driving hazards. Once the lifting and filling is completed, you will have a peace of mind walking safely over your newly lifted concrete. 

Concrete lifting is a great option due to its quick process and effective outcome. We always try to make sure that concrete lifting is an option before any other repairs services because concrete lifting involves using less material, and often can be the safest and easiest solution for the customer.

Concrete Pouring

When it comes to concrete pouring, it is not as quick or easy as concrete lifting, which is why we try to make sure that concrete lifting is out of the question when it comes to repairs.

When creating new slabs of concrete with concrete pouring, we start by prepping the site. Prepping the site means, the site needs to be cleaned and cleared by removing all grass, rocks, trees, shrubs, and old concrete so that the earth can be exposed. When exposing the raw earth, we need to make sure that it is compact enough to help maintain the concrete when it is poured. In order to ensure a compact and secure grounding, we will incorporate a sub base fill that will be placed and compacted over the entire area that the concrete will be poured. Once the sub base is set, we start to create forms from wood, metal, or plastic, which will act as the molding for the concrete when it is poured. The forming is created to ensure the proper shaping of the concrete which takes into account drainage, structure meets, corners, and slopes.

Once the above steps are achieved, it is time to start pouring the concrete. Once the forms are filled with the concrete, we level the top and let it firm up before removing the wood, metal, or plastic that was used to form and shape the concrete pour. The final steps involve troweling, finishing, and curing.

While concrete pouring is a much more extensive operation, it is sure to have exquisite results. With concrete pouring, we can create complex forms and designs that will fit your needs and aesthetics!

Void Fills

Voids can be a pain, as well as a hazard for concrete structures. Voids remove the structural integrity of concrete structures, allowing for gravity and overhead interaction to stress and crack the concrete over time, becoming a dangerous hazard for anyone who uses it. More often than not, the cause of voids are often poor compaction of the fill material, erosion, high water content that involves shrink and swell cycles, decaying organic material, freeze and thaw cycles, animals, and vibrations. The most common areas that voids present themselves are driveways, attached garages, and walkways.

The most effective way to fixing a void is by filling it. Filling a void is more than just shoving material into the holes, since the material is not compacted and strong, it will merely be misplaced and cause the void to reappear. What is important about filling voids is that when the material is placed into the holes, it should be vibrated so that the smaller particles can fall deeper, allowing for a stronger, more compact material for the concrete to rely on. These fills will help to ensure that future interaction with moisture, vibrations, and weight will keep the concrete slabs stable and strong, increasing its life expectancy significantly.  

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