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3 Effective Solutions to Repair Sunken Concrete

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An uneven driveway or tilted patio can be a big problem. It can lower the value of your house, or someone can fall and hurt themselves.

If left unresolved, it could become an expensive problem to fix and affect your enjoyment of your home and property. 75% of surveyed homeowners said they had a greater desire to spend time at home after completing a major project.

Read on to learn how to fix sunken concrete and improve the curb appeal of your house.

Repair or Replace

Uneven concrete pathways or broken slabs may be a sign of tree root damage or weakened soil below. Look for a water source such as a broken pipe or runoff from a rain gutter.

If the sidewalk repair is small enough, patching is a viable option. You can use a sand-concrete mixture and spread it across the section. The usage and depth of concrete will determine the type of concrete mix you need.

Patching, however, doesn’t resolve the underlying problem. The concrete repair will also look different from the older concrete around it.

Another option is to remove the concrete with a jackhammer, haul it away, and replace it with a new concrete pour.

Professional concrete repair services can also lift the concrete from below using sand or foam.

Lift Sunken Concrete by Sandjacking

The process of sandjacking involves lifting the concrete and blowing a dry limestone sand mix to fill the space beneath. This is good for driveway repair or concrete patio repair.

If the slabs are accessible from both sides, special braces raise the concrete. Once level with the surrounding slabs, the limestone sand is then blown underneath to fill the void.

If only one side is accessible, or the slabs are large, hydraulic lifts and patented pole jacks are used. Once raised to the correct height, the sand mix enters through half-inch holes to ensure the void beneath is full. The entry holes are filled to match, as close as possible, the existing concrete.

The repair can be driven or walked on immediately after leveling.

Polyurethane Foam Lifting

This method injects closed-cell polyurethane beneath the concrete slabs. The lifting occurs as the foam expands and cures.

Injection holes, less than half an inch in diameter, are drilled only where needed. Specialist, high-pressure equipment pumps the liquid foam beneath the slabs. The liquid finds the lowest spots first, ensuring the void is completely filled.

The foam sticks to the underside of the concrete, improving its integrity and insulation properties. Other benefits include keeping the concrete in use and saving it from landfills.

Some foams contain up to 40% recyclable and renewable materials and don’t disintegrate into the soil. This makes them an environmentally conscious product.

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Are you ready to get that tilted concrete level and usable again? The three ways you can do so are patching or replacing, sandjacking, or polyurethane foam lifting.

Get a free estimate from the experts at Advanced Construction Services and find out how they can help you with your sunken concrete needs.